Leading Buffalo Outfitter in Southern Africa

Best Ethical Hunting in Southern Africa

For the hunter seeking a wide variety of game animals, beautiful country, century-old hunting traditions, and the spice of danger, hunting in Africa is an experience unmatched anywhere on Earth.

Hunters Safaris & Outfitters is owned and operated by Mac and Madelein McSeveney and has grown into one of Africa’s premier hunting outfitters with an impeccable record of producing world class trophies through ethical fair chase hunting.

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K R U G E R  N A T I O N A L  P A R K

We are so excited about our new concession bordering the Kruger National Park which is the largest Game Reserve in Africa.

Our Kruger Park Concession is situate 15min from the Lodge within Kruger National Park, South Africa offers the best Safari & Big 5 animals in the World. Contact Hunters Creek for experience you will never forget

Big Five

Big Five Hunting in Africa accompanied by seasoned professional hunters.

Plain Game

Plains game species that can be hunted in the countries of Southern Africa.


Depending on the season and demand of species we run many specials


Hunting Concessions

Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters conducts hunting safaris in six countries, namely Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our South African concessions including two privately owned Concessions in Limpopo and Mpumalanga. We provide specialized one-on-one hunting as well as family and photographic Safaris. Our Safaris are conducted from the main lodge on 15000 acres of private land owned by Hunters creek, as well as many thousands of acres of privately owned land under concession of Hunters Creek Safaris.

Luxury Accommodation

Whether you prefer luxurious 5 star accommodation or camping out in the wild; a bubble bath or taking a dip in the river…we have it all. All our accommodation have complete facilities to ensure that our clients have a comfortable stay and are well rested and clear minded each morning.

This year we have completed our new 5 star lodge on our Game Reserve in Limpopo. Our Lodges and camps are all family friendly; have hot water, comfortable beds and daily housekeeping and laundry services are provided. We have wireless internet. First class cuisine accompanied by a good quality glass of wine, sun downers, campfire and the sounds of Africa…what more could you want?

Accommodation that meets your needs!

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Discover Africa’s irresistible beauty and inspirational nature while experiencing warm, friendly hospitality and reliable service.

Our vision is the fulfillment of a dream to offer those who visit, stay and hunt here an unrivaled experience which captures the ethos of a bygone ere – an era in Africa’s history when the pace of life was defined by the rising and setting of the sun, rather than the ticking of a clock. A place of untouched and unspoiled beauty where the haze of modern living is unknown; the air is crystal clear, the sky of the deepest blue, the stars a brightness seldom seen.

Its ethos revives man’s primal instinct to hunt; rekindles the passion of an era where mankind was one with nature. Living the passion and uncertainty of tracking prey. Will the prey be found? Can the shot be taken? Can that fleeting second of opportunity be grasped and the quarry downed? Imbibing through the hunt, the romance and mystery of our oneness with nature.

This is the dream that Hunters Creek seeks to bring to life through its dedicated team of professionals – hunters whose bush crafts is their way of life; animal trackers whose skills have been acknowledged as an art and a talent that is a marvel; skinners and support staff who ensure that the finest trophies can be the greatest source of pride. Endlessly reviving in memory the thrill and rush of exhilaration in that of success when the quarry falls.

And then the breathtaking beauty of the setting sun; the irresistible draw of the campfire with its fascinating dance of light and shadow that stills the soul; gives peace of mind and a venue where we relive the adventures of the day. But the sensuous challenge is not done, because the sumptuous meal awaits, a unique African cuisine that tempts and charms the palate, banquets fit for the best.

This is the dream and romance of the old African safari, revived at Hunters Creek. Our staff and facilities are dedicated only to one thing, to bring to life your wish for a memorable African adventure from days gone by.

Your wish is our command.