You can Shake the Sand from your Feet, but not from your Soul

Mozambique doesn't only offer prime hunting areas, but has the most beautiful white sand beaches and exclusive beach resorts.

All our accommodation have complete facilities to ensure that our clients have a comfortable stay and are well rested and clear minded each morning.

Mozambique has an ecologically rich and diverse wildlife. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony for around 400 years. In 1975 Mozambique gained their Independence. Almost immediately a Civil War started which only ended in 1992. Since then they have encouraged foreign investment to rebuild the country. Mozambique is a very big country (about 5 times bigger than England) with a population of only 20 million people. It has vast tracks of land where very few people live. It has a beautiful Coastline (about 2500 km). Many Areas have been opened up for hunting as it was once a famous country for hunting.

The Mozambican government views the safari industry in a positive light and sees sustainable hunting as a valuable conservation tool within rural communities. Most rural communities rely on meat provided by the safari operators during the hunting season and all hunters can feel assured that their contribution is adding to conservation development in Mozambique.

Mozambique is ideal to hunt for 6 (Livingstone Suni; Red Duiker; Blue Duiker; Oribi; Sharpe’s Grysbok; Grey Duiker) of Africa’s tiny ten antelopes. Once a trophy antelope is spotted, you will stalk to within shooting distance. An accurate shot is necessary as these antelope make rather small targets. Sneaking up on a trophy member of the tiny ten is a lot more challenging and exciting than many hunters realize.

Hunt in the remote wilderness; hunt Buffalo and Lion in vast, open territories; exceptional Cape Buffalo trophies. Rough it out in the Basic Camps for the ultimate wilderness experience…!!!

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