Every Day is a Good Day when you Hunt


Please USE this page and check ALL boxes BEFORE submitting your application:





Completed SAPS 520 Application Form



Did you SIGN the SAPS520 application form? You must sign sections 4.3 and J3 on page 6.



Copy of photo page of passport

  • Minimum of THREE blank pages left in passport
  • Validity of at least four months beyond your planned return


Copy of Complete Itinerary as issued by your Travel Agency or copies of your return airline tickets.



Proof of Ownership

  • Firearm license / Firearm registration form
  • Letter from local Sheriff OR
  • Invoice from Firearms Dealer
  • For hunters traveling from the United States of America the CBP4457 Customs Form will be sufficient. Please note that this form must be dated, signed and stamped by US customs.


Proof of Export from Country of Origin – For hunters traveling from the USA the CBP4457 Customs Form will be sufficient.
This only applies to US applicants.



Invitation Letter from Hunting Outfitter on Company Letterhead (with the following details)

  • Registered Outfitter Number
  • Registered PH Number
  • Office Address
  • Contact Details
  • Name of Concession Area where hunt will take place
  • Date of planned hunt
  • Species of Animals that the hunter is planning on hunting – (this is for the SAPS to verify if the rifle calibers are suitable).
  • Details of firearms that the hunter intend to import.


Please find attached our mandate that must be signed, completed and included in the package you mail over to us. (Click here to download)



VERY IMPORTANT: The copies of the passport and US4457 form must be certified as true copies by a notary or your local sheriff



Download the CBP4457 Customs Form HERE – This is only a blank form, you need to take your rifles to your nearest customs office for the form to be completed, signed and stamped by US customs.


To reach us at least 30 days prior to your arrival in South Africa! We definitely recommend that you use an overnight mailing service like DHL, Fedex or UPS.