The Ultimate African Safari

Hunting Concessions

Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters conducts hunting safaris in seven countries, namely Botswana, Mozambique, South-Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Whether it’s the big five, dangerous game, tiny ten, spiral horn slam, springbuck slam, small cats or the huge variety of plains game species you are after, we have sourced and secured the best hunting areas over Africa to cater for your every need.

Africa offers more species than any other hunting destination in the world. Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters offers a safari that will suit all hunters and observers.

Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters has concessions all over Africa. We have sourced and secured some of the best hunting areas all over our beautiful African continent to ensure that our clients will not only experience the best African Safari, but that they will also take the best quality trophy home to remind him/her about the amazing African experience. 

All our Safaris are custom planned around your needs and wants. At Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters we specialize in one-on-one or two-on-one safaris, family safaris, fishing safaris and many more.


Mac McSeveney, Outfitter, Big 5 Professional Hunter and the proud owner of Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters.

Africa offers exciting and unique opportunities, excellent game viewing, superb beach holidays and some of the most magnificent sceneries in the world. Booking your safari with Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters will assure a true African Safari experience, one which you will remember for the rest of your life.

Our concessions will not disappoint you, with plentiful wildlife, quality trophies and premier hunting areas which will provide you with a first-class safari experience in every possible way.

Not only will the concessions be spectacular, but our Safari Camps will also not disappoint. 

We are truly blessed to live in such a majestic and spectacular country where we wake up to the sounds and smells of God’s creation. In a land that touches your heart and re-awakens your soul daily.

The silence is deafening, the tranquility is refreshing and at night you will think the stars are within arm’s reach.

We are very excited about our concession bordering the Kruger National Park which is the largest Game Reserve in Africa. Where nearly 2 million hectares (5 million acers) of unrivaled diversity of live forms fuses with historical and archaeological sights. Most of our clients have encounter the big five while hunting.

Our Kruger Park Concession is situated 15min from the Lodge within the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa offers the best Safari & Big 5 animals and diverse bird species in the World.

You will leave not only with memories that will last a lifetime, but you will experience the Ultimate African Safari – This is the real Africa!!! 

If you are looking to book an African Safari of a lifetime for yourself or your family, Hunters Creek Safari Outfitters will not disappoint you. Book your African Safari of a lifetime today.

Big Five

Big Five Hunting in Africa accompanied by seasoned professional hunters.

Plains Game

Plains game species that can be hunted in the countries of Southern Africa.


Depending on the season and demand of species we run many specials