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The area in which we conduct our hunting safaris in Zimbabwe is located roughly halfway between Bulawayo and the Victoria Falls. It is a magnificent wilderness where we pursue some of Africa’s grandest mammals. The conservation areas and reserves are typically vast and unfenced. The terrain consists of wooded savanna in varying degrees of density.
From the mystical baobab giants of the dry lowlands to the typical thorny acacia and mopane woodlands of the bushveld, Zimbabwe’s wilderness is ideal for a hunting safari. Though the country has been mired in political turmoil for quite some time, the hunting industry remains robust and productive.
Zimbabwe is a hunter’s paradise with most imaginable southern African game species available for hunting. From the Big Five and other dangerous game like croc and hippo to the most majestic or minute of antelope, Zimbabwe offers a wealth of trophies for the most discerning hunter.
The country also provides the opportunity for hunters to enjoy additional unique experiences, such as a visit to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. If your inner sportsman requires an additional taste of Africa’s spoils, tiger fishing on the Zambezi River will prove the ultimate recreational thrill.


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